| More than a Game: Companion book to the German Football Museum unveiled

Museumsdirektor Manuel Neukirchner, Nationalmannschafts-Manager Oliver Bierhoff und Verlagsleiter Dr. Ludger Claßen (v.l.) präsentieren das Begleitbuch zum Deutschen Fußballmuseum.

More than a Game, the companion book to the German Football Museum, was unveiled at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Thursday, 15 October. Germany general manager Oliver Bierhoff and museum director Manuel Neukirchner presented the 258-page publication to media representatives and a specialist audience. The book will go sale in the shops in November.

Featuring pieces by well-known authors and some impressive photos, the companion book tells the story of German football from its beginnings to the present day. It highlights football legends large and small which, along with the main images associated with them, have become etched in the collective memory and have a permanent place in Germany's "memory history". The book concerns itself with triumphant successes and major personalities as well as painful defeats and upheavals.

"Football has long become a part of mainstream society. Hardly any other happening moves people like football does. Anyone who wants to know why this is so should read this book. It's a wonderful text-and-photo publication that offers a comprehensive insight into the various facets of this fascinating sport," said Bierhoff.

The book sees prize-winning authors such as Ronald Reng, Christoph Biermann, Ludger Schulze, Nils Havemann, Jochen Hieber and Hermann Beckfeld focus their attention on the game's major issues, including the national team, the Bundesliga, leading players, influential coaches and their systems, fans and fan culture, the media, the commercialisation of the game and, of course, football as a grassroots sport.

"This book is the perfect complement to the permanent exhibition at the German Football Museum. We've been able to take an in-depth look at various issues that can only be touched upon in the museum," said Neukirchner, who conducted a series of exclusive interviews with great Germany captains Uwe Seeler, Franz Beckenbauer, Lothar Matthäus and Philipp Lahm on the milestones in German football history.

The permanent exhibition at the German Football Museum is reflected in scenographic and architectural photographs which, along with incisive written pieces, provide an insight into a whole new cultural format for German football. Neukirchner said: "Our aspiration is to capture people's enthusiasm for the game. Visitors will be able to relive the goosebump moments in the history of German football but will also be encouraged to pause for thought along the way. We aim to spring surprises and unlock new perspectives through a variety of interesting and occasionally magical exhibits interweaved with media and interactive offerings."

Click here for a photo gallery on the book launch.

The German Football Museum will open in Dortmund on 25 October after a completion time of almost five years.

Manuel Neukirchner (ed.): More than a Game, 254+4 pages, large hardcover format. Price: €19.95, published by Klartext, ISBN 978-3-8375-0973-1

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