Guided tours at the German Football Museum

More than 140 years of German football history is a lot to cover. So let our guides take you by the proverbial hand! In 120 minutes you'll learn why rain played such a decisive role in the 1954 'Miracle of Bern', why the DFB Cup was previously known as the Tschammer Cup, and how playing systems have moved on from nine strikers to 'false nines'. Put simply, a tour of the German Football Museum tells you the stories behind the story.

All tours begin at the group meeting point in the museum foyer. At the end of the tour you can go round the exhibition again on your own, should you wish.

The best place to book your visit, including a guided tour, is our Ticketshop - complete with online discount!

Usually the tours are in German. Enquiries for tours in English, French or Spanish should be sent via email to We'll do our best to meet your request!

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