Tours for kids

What does the 1954 ball feel like? Where did the 1974 World Cup take place? And why didn't they have brightly coloured football boots in the old days? At the German Football Museum you'll find the answers! Dip into the history of German football with our many interactive exhibits. And there's more. Who'll be the quiz champion? Who's the best commentator? Who'll finish top scorer in the game of football at the end? This and much more besides awaits visitors on one of our exciting days out in Dortmund!

At a glance

  •  Every Sunday at 10.30 am
  •  For children aged 6-13
  •  Duration: 90 minutes
  • Costs: €3 per child plus admission (parents can listen in free of charge, subject to capacity)

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Enquiries for tours in English, French or Spanish should be sent via email to We'll do our best to meet your request!

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