T&Cs (Terms and Conditions)

Terms and Conditions of DFB-Stiftung Deutsches Fußballmuseum gGmbH (hereinafter "DFM") for the front-desk and online sale of entrance tickets (hereinafter "Tickets") to the permanent exhibition and the sale of Tickets for other DFM events and offerings, such as special exhibitions, guided tours, cultural events, children's birthdays and school offers, accompanying materials, merchandise, and catering products. 

1. Validity and application
All purchases of Tickets to the DFM via the internet (www.fussballmuseum.de) and the museum front desk or ticket service team and the use thereof are subject to the following Terms and Conditions ("T&Cs") and house rules of the DFM, which are sent with the confirmation email for online purchases and are available for inspection in the entrance area. By ordering, purchasing or using a Ticket, you agree to be bound by these T&Cs and the house rules. 

2. Formation and content of contracts
2.1.    Permanent exhibition and special exhibitions

The contracting party for the order of Tickets listed at clause 1 is DFB-Stiftung Deutsches Fußballmuseum gGmbH. 
The contractual relationship is between the DFM and the legal ticketholder only.
Purchases are made either in the online shop on www.fussballmuseum.de or at the DFM front desk. You must be of age to order and purchase Tickets. Tickets bought via the online shop are sent by post (at extra charge) or shipped free of charge in eTicket form (PDF file), according to the customer's preference. Tickets cannot be made available for collection at the German Football Museum.
When you order Tickets to print at home, the order process in the DFM online shop on www.fussballmuseum.de is ended by clicking the "Complete order" dialogue button. Receipt of the order will be confirmed without delay by the DFM. The contract is made when the DFM accepts the order. Orders are accepted by the sending of a confirmation email or the sending of eTickets in PDF format to the email address provided by the purchaser.
Additional items can be added to existing bookings, subject to availability, by making a new booking through the standard purchase channels.
Orders for Tickets and all other offerings cannot be changed or withdrawn (partial or full cancellation). This is without prejudice to statutory cancellation, warranty, and nullification rights.

2.2.    Children's birthdays at the DFM
Details of the services offered and the prices for children's birthdays can be obtained from the website www.fussballmuseum.de. The contracting party is DFB-Stiftung Deutsches Fußballmuseum gGmbH. The following applies in relation to ordering and shipping:
a.    Customers can choose from the items on offer and book the service, subject to availability.
b.    The prices in force at the time of booking, which are inclusive of VAT, shall apply.
c.    The contract is established on successful completion of the booking. Oral collateral agreements or subsequent amendments/additions shall be binding only if confirmed in writing by the DFM.

2.3.    Special regulation for group and children's birthday bookings
No refund is made by the DFM if the number of visitors who turn up is lower than the number booked. If the number or composition of the visitors who turn up at the reserved time deviates, the DFM cannot guarantee that all the participants appearing will receive the additional services mentioned in the sales information. Oral collateral agreements or subsequent amendments shall be binding only if confirmed in writing by the DFM.

2.4.    Special regulation when booking catering offerings
No refund is made by the DFM if the number of visitors who turn up is lower than the number booked.

3. Complaints
3.1.    The orderer/purchaser is obliged to check the confirmation email and/or the eTicket files received or the Tickets sold or sent for correctness in respect of quantity, price, visit date and time slot, or event date. Any complaints must be made without delay on receipt of the Tickets or files (within three working days yet before the visit date) in writing by email or letter to the contact address given at clause 17. The postmark/email send date shall determine whether the deadline date has been met. Tickets may not be returned or re-ordered after the deadline.

3.2.    Sale of goods
Unless otherwise agreed, goods (guide booklets for the museum puzzle hunt, exhibition guide) of merchantable quality and design, taking into account production tolerances for size, weight and quality, will be sent to the visitor or presented at the DFM.
Should items purchased from the DFM exhibit obvious material or production defects, please complain to our staff right away. A failure to do so will not affect your statutory rights, however. The statutory warranty periods and, at your discretion, your statutory rights to subsequent performance and rectification of defects shall apply.

4. Payment/non-payment
Orders are executed only using the means of payment indicated in the online shop. If payment cannot be made for reasons attributable to the orderer/purchaser, e.g. insufficient funds on the credit card or bank account used or a reverse transaction or similar, the DFM is entitled to cancel the order or block the relevant Tickets electronically. If justified, a collection agency will be engaged to recover the debt. The right is reserved to make additional compensation claims (cancellation, chargeback fees, etc.).

5. House rules and use of the DFM
5.1.    The purchase of a Ticket to visit the DFM entitles you to use all services offered at the time of the visit, with the exception of those services attracting an additional charge as indicated during the purchase process (e.g. guided tours, special exhibitions).

5.2.    No guarantee is given that all services indicated as available by the DFM, by whatever means, will actually be on offer at the time of the visit. Reasons for this, for example, can be modifications or technical updates in the exhibition areas. The DFM will notify visitors of the unavailability of services at the entrance to the museum and on its website as soon as a long-term unavailability is determined. Notification of the short-term unavailability of individual services will be made at the location of the service. Individual availability is dependent on visitor demand and cannot therefore be guaranteed by the DFM. 

5.3.    Visitors must comply with the rules of conduct displayed on the concourse and at the entrance as part of the house rules. In the event of noncompliance with the rules of conduct from the house rules, the DFM is entitled to strip visitors of the right to enter the museum and eject them as well as claim compensation. 

5.4.    Reference is made to the house rules in the confirmation email sent to orderers/purchasers in the online booking system. The house rules are also displayed on the concourse and in the museum building and are accepted by the visitor. Noncompliance with the house rules can result in the loss of the right of admission without compensation. The respective Tickets will lose their validity and may be confiscated or cancelled electronically by the DFM. The house rules can be found here.

6. Delivery
Tickets purchased in advance online are delivered by email free of charge as eTickets (PDF file) or by post for an extra charge, as requested by the buyer and subject to availability. Tickets cannot be made available for collection at the DFM.

6.1.    eTickets are sent to the email address provided by the buyer as a PDF file for printing. Any additional Tickets ordered will not be sent by post in this case. 

6.2.    Delivery of Tickets (and other offerings) by post is at the expense and risk of the buyer. The buyer bears the risk of loss or damage during delivery, save in the case of gross negligence or wilful default on the part of the DFM or its appointees. The choice of carrier is made by the DFM. 

7. Loss, return and refund of Tickets
7.1.    Tickets cannot be exchanged and thus will not be taken back. 

7.2.    No replacements will be issued in the event of loss (lost, stolen or destroyed Tickets). In individual cases, destroyed Tickets may be reprinted, i.e. re-issued, following an investigation but only upon submission of evidence, e.g. by presentation of the original Tickets, in return for a processing fee and, if applicable, a supplementary on-the-day charge. There is no legal right to this procedure, which is subject to the discretion of the DFM in each case. 

7.3.    Closure of exhibition areas (special regulation)
If the DFM is closed in part or in whole at a time booked by the visitor due to a programme change, the DFM reserves the right to offer the visitor a replacement service or a refund. 

7.4.    Postponement, abandonment, or cancellation of events
Tickets retain their validity if an event at the DFM is postponed. No service or shipping fees will be refunded. 

No right to a refund of the admission price exists if an event that has already started is cancelled and not repeated. This does not apply if the DFM is at fault for the cancellation.
If an event is cancelled, the orderer/purchaser will be refunded the admission price on return of the original Tickets or cancellation of the eTickets. No service or shipping fees will be refunded.

8.    Prices, concessions, and terms and conditions of payment
Ticket prices and conditions in respect of concessions can be taken from the latest DFM price lists on www.fussballmuseum.de and the price information on display at the venue.

The prices indicated for online Tickets are full prices including value-added tax. No shipping charges are imposed for eTickets delivered by email.

Holders of concessionary Tickets must present proof of entitlement to staff on request when passing through the electronic access points. If no proof of entitlement can be furnished, the holder will be asked to pay the difference to the on-the-day rate or entry may be refused. The entitlement must still be valid at the time of entry/the event for access to be obtained with a concessionary Ticket.

9. Transfer of Tickets
DFM Tickets may be transferred to a private contact in the same person/concessionary category prior to being used. Each online Ticket may be used only once, of course.
It is in the interest of the DFM to restrict the transfer of Tickets in order to stop the resale of Tickets at excessive prices and, in particular, to prevent Ticket speculation and to uphold the price structure developed by the DFM, which also takes into account social aspects.
Tickets are therefore sold for private use only. In particular, ticketholders are not allowed to:

a)    offer the Ticket for auction sale (in particular on the internet);
b)    sell the Ticket for commercial gain without the express written consent of the DFM;
c)    sell the Ticket at a higher price than indicated on the Ticket on transfer to a private contact.

When transferring the Ticket the ticketholder must refer the new holder to the applicability of these T&Cs.

If a Ticket is offered, used or transferred inadmissibly by the orderer/purchaser, the DFM is entitled to void the Ticket and any other Tickets purchased by the orderer/purchaser by electronic or other means and refuse the holder entry to the DFM or eject him from the DFM without compensation.

The DFM can demand payment of appropriate liquidated damages of up to 2,500 euros for each culpable breach by the orderer/purchaser of the aforementioned provisions (a-c). The number of breaches shall be determined by the number of Tickets offered, sold, transferred, or used. The right to assert further claims for compensation remains unaffected. The DFM also reserves the right to exclude anyone violating these provisions from purchasing Tickets in future and/or to take further civil or criminal action.

10.    Force majeure, labour disputes
The DFM is entitled to withdraw from the contract should an event of force majeure or a labour dispute (lockout and strike) result in a delay in performance of the service by the DFM. 

11. Validity
Tickets are valid for one entry to the exhibition area of the DFM or one use of a service booked. Tickets lose their validity as soon as you leave the exhibition areas by passing through the electronic turnstiles or returning to the foyer via the lift. No readmission is allowed.
Tickets generally grant access to the DFM for the allocated time slot/set guided tour start time on the day of the visit. Persons taking part in a guided tour, a children's birthday party, and any other DFM offerings relevant for groups should therefore arrive at the group meeting point no later than 15 minutes before the booked start time. Late and no-shows will result in loss of entitlement to the offering with no refund. 

12. Data protection
The DFM and its technical service providers take technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal data against accidental or wilful manipulation, loss, destruction, and unauthorised access. 

The DFM uses the data only within the statutory framework, e.g. for the performance of the contract. In justified cases we may exchange address and credit data with credit reference agencies when carrying out credit checks. The orderer/purchaser agrees to forego receiving special notification pursuant to the Data Protection Act. 

We continuously improve our data processing systems and security measures in order to keep pace with technological developments. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to secure your data during transmission to us. Our employees and service providers are, of course, required to sign a written undertaking to protect the confidentiality of data in accordance with section 5 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

You may withdraw your consent to the use of your data for advertising or opinion research purposes at any time. You will be informed of this right in each new communication.

13. Place of execution and jurisdiction
German law shall apply. The sole place of performance for all services and payments is Dortmund. If the person ordering is a merchant within the meaning of the Commercial Code (HGB) or if his domicile or place of habitual residence is not known at the time any legal proceedings are instituted, all disputes arising out of and in connection with this contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Dortmund. The parties also submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Dortmund for international contracts. 

14. Right to one's own image
Without prejudice to Section 23 (2) of the Art Copyright Act (KunstUrhG), each orderer/ticketholder irrevocably consents for all present and future media to the use of his image and voice free of charge in photographs, live broadcasts, programmes, and/or video and/or audio recordings produced by the DFM or authorised third parties in connection with an event.

15. Video and audio recordings
To protect the owners of image and film rights, photography and filming is generally not permitted. Photography and video for personal use is permitted in marked areas.
16. Liability/disclaimer and limitation of liability
Persons entering the DFM and the DFM concourse do so at their own risk. 

The DFM and its legal representatives or agents shall not be liable for compensation for any damages resulting from whatever cause, except in cases of malice or gross negligence or – restricted to typical foreseeable damages – breaches of primary contractual obligations. This is without prejudice to claims for damages resulting from an injury to health, life or limb.

Visitors will be liable for any contamination or damage they may cause to buildings or contents or any other damage.

17. Publisher/contact
Queries relating to the sale of Tickets can be put to the DFM by one of the following contact options:

DFB-Stiftung Deutsches Fußballmuseum gGmbH
Harenberg City Center
Königswall 21
44137 Dortmund
Email address: ticketservice@fussballmuseum.de

18. Final clause
By purchasing Tickets or any other products offered by the DFM, the orderer/purchaser agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Should any clauses be held void, unworkable, or unenforceable in part or in whole, this shall affect neither the validity of the other clauses nor that of the contract. Any amendments must be made in writing. The non-exercise of a right by the DFM shall not preclude the future enforcement of this right. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

October 2017

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