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        Opened in 2015, the Dortmund city centre building is one of the most visited museums in the Ruhr area. The vibrant, emotional and interactive exhibition recounts 140 years of German football history over 3,300 m² of floor space. Subjects include not only the triumphs of the national team, the history of the Bundesliga and the development of the women's game, but also football under National Socialism and its influence on many areas of everyday culture. Spectacular media presentations, more than 1,600 exhibits and a host of interactive modules guarantee an exciting and diverse museum experience.

        Exhibits at the German Football Museum

        Discover all 1,600 exhibits and the story behind them at the German Football Museum

        Emotional highlights at the German Football Museum

        Immerse yourself in 140 years of German football history. The feelings well up. Brought on by a piece of kit, stained with the marks of battle. By sounds, voices, celebrations. By unforgettable scenes. By boots still covered in grass. By trophies reflecting the glory of huge moments. Some of the exhibits you will find may seem unremarkable at first, but behind them lie a host of stories great and small.

        Go from one goosebump feeling, one magical football moment, to another. Relive each one in all its emotional richness. Along the way, you will come across chapters in the history of the game that make you pensive and not only rekindle memories, but also keep them alive. Football in times of war, persecution, betrayal, corruption - all part of an all-encompassing look at our sport. Football from different perspectives. Including beyond the end of your nose. This is football.

        Insider tips at the German Football Museum

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