The Treasury - coveted football silverware

        [Translate to en:] Zwei Jungen schauen sich den WM-Pokal an

        Marius stands in the treasury at the German Football Museum and can hardly believe his eyes. "Are they really the actual World Cup trophies, Dad?" the eleven-year-old wants to know from his father. Indeed, they are. No kidding.

        Every four years, at the time of the World Cup, the one original World Cup trophy is taken out of the FIFA vault, presented to the winner - and as soon as the team leaves the stadium, it owns the one World Cup winner's trophy that can be won every four years. Just as big, just as heavy as the original, but this one is only available once. Every four years, an original World Cup winner's trophy engraved with the respective world champion.

        The biggest trophies in German football - on display as originals in our treasury, in the middle of Dortmund, the capital of football.

        Victories for all eternity

        [Translate to en:] Eine Familie steht neben dem EM-Pokal in der Schatzkammer des Deutschen Fußballmuseums

        The treasury is a place of stillness where visitors can marvel at Germany's most important trophies in exalted silence. The Jules Rimet Trophy, the FIFA World Cup Trophy and the Henri Delaunay Trophy gleam in the dark, bearing witness to the magnificent triumphs of the German national team.
        Three European Championships and four World Cups call to mind unforgettable stories and the people behind them. Whether you were there in person, whether you watched it on the big screen, or whether your grandparents told you all about it, your own story is brought to life in fascinating fashion.

        Do you like the treasury? When are you going to come and visit?

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