3D Cinema: the perfect illusion thanks to magic projection

      In our 3D cinema, Bayern Munich's Leroy Sané accompanies you on a journey through German football history. Stop off in Bern, Munich, Rome and Rio. Meet Paul Breitner and Philipp Lahm, Joachim Löw and Sepp Herberger. Relive the key moments of the four World Cup wins in 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014.
      Special hologram technology takes you up close. This illusion technique, known as "Pepper's ghost" in honour of its inventor, John Pepper, uses mirrors to create the impression that the football superstars are actually in the room - the stage is real, but the footage is projected onto a transparent film in front of it. Never have you been closer to these legends of the game!

      The 3D cinema is one of the highlights on your tour of the museum.

      Excited to see the 3D cinema? Then book your tickets here...

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