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  • Please keep your tickets in a safe place. Entrance tickets allow you to enter the German Football Museum once only and are invalidated on first control.
  • Visitors may not re-enter the German Football Museum after leaving the exhibition space.
  • eTickets are valid printed out and as open documents on mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets).
  • Entrance tickets may not be cancelled or changed.
  • Discounted online prices are available only when pre-booking via the online shop.
  • Entrance tickets pre-booked online are valid only for the day booked.


You can read the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) for the sale of entrance tickets here.


Some questions on the validity of our tickets are often asked:

Do I have to queue if I have a pre-booked online ticket? 
No. Buying a ticket in advance from the online ticket shop grants you fast lane access to the German Football Museum, meaning you don't have to wait. Please follow the signs and the instructions of our staff. Online tickets allow you to pass straight through the turnstiles into the German Football Museum. 

How long are entrance tickets valid? 
Tickets grant access to the DFM on the relevant day of the visit only. Please note that visitor offerings (e.g. guided tours and children's birthdays) with a designated start time will begin punctually at the stated time. Late and no-shows will result in loss of entitlement to the offering with no refund. Please note the precise opening times of the German Football Museum. Ticket vouchers with no set day are valid for two years and entitle the holder to one admission to the DFM in this period. 

What happens if I don't use them? 
Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend the validity or exchange tickets, but you can transfer them. 

Can I give my entrance ticket(s) back? 
No, unfortunately we cannot issue refunds. 

Are tickets to the German Football Museum transferrable? 
Tickets for the German Football Museum may be transferred to a private contact in the same person/concessionary category prior to being used. Each online ticket may also be used only once, of course. 

How do I provide evidence of entitlement to concessionary entrance tickets? 
The German Football Museum offers various concessions. When purchasing entrance tickets, visitors should always book the concession to which they are entitled – where available – and show the relevant ID at the German Football Museum. Checks are made in the foyer, where the corresponding ID card should be presented. The entitlement must still be valid at the time of entry/the event for access to be obtained with a concessionary ticket. 

Do I have to buy a ticket for my infant? 
All visitors, regardless of their age or size, require an entrance ticket for insurance reasons. Please book a free entrance ticket for children under six years of age, as access will be denied without one. If you don't have an entrance ticket for a child under six, please contact the ticket counter on site. 

Which ticket categories can I book in advance in the German Football Museum's online shop? 
You can pre-book the following categories, subject to availability: individual tickets, family tickets, group tickets, club youth tickets, school offerings, children's birthdays, ticket gift vouchers. School and children's birthday offerings must be booked in advance online and are not available from the front desk. 

What type of ticket can I select when making an advance booking in the German Football Museum's online shop? 
When making an advance booking, you can decide whether to have an original German Football Museum ticket delivered by post for a service and shipping fee or a eTicket sent via email for no extra charge. The options, terms and conditions for postal deliveries can be found at "Booking information". 

Do I have to bring the eTicket with me? 
Yes, you do. eTickets can be brought printed out on A4 paper or as an open document on a mobile device. 

Will a black-and-white printout suffice? 
Yes. It's essential that the barcode is legible, however. Please ensure a high print quality. 

Can I print more than one online ticket on an A4 piece of paper? 
No. Each online ticket must be printed on a separate piece of A4 paper due to the size and legibility requirement of the barcode and to ensure an orderly entry procedure.

What happens if I accidentally delete my eTicket or don't receive a confirmation email? 
On completion of your order always make sure to print your order confirmation containing the number of the booking. If you lose the eTicket you can bring this document with you on the day of your visit and present it to our service desk in the foyer. If you've deleted or lost your order confirmation as well, you can contact our ticket service direct. We will be happy to send you the tickets again if they are still valid. If your eTickets have already been used by someone else, for example, they cannot be replaced. The first use of the online ticket counts. Responsibility for keeping the tickets in a safe place lies with the owner.  

How do I receive additional items ordered in the online shop such as the treasure hunt booklet or the museum catalogue? 
You also have two options for additional items: you can either have them delivered by post or you can have a ticket sent for them (eTicket or original German Football Museum ticket). If you choose the second option, you must print the "ticket" for the treasure hunt booklet or museum catalogue (if a eTicket) and bring it with you. You will be handed your additional items at the service counter in the museum foyer once your tickets have been invalidated. 

Are online orders really secure? 
Yes, communications between browser and server are secured by 128 bit SSL encryption.  

When I'm paying by credit card in the online shop, what are Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode? 
VISA and MasterCard offer authentication services designed to protect your online purchases. 

Visa: "Verified by VISA". 

MasterCard: "MasterCard SecureCode". 

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